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I hope that it will focus my mind!

As I have a whole collection of part-finished photography tutorials, noted ideas, answers to forum questions, alongside a head full of things I want to write down some day, I thought a blog page might help focus the mind and allow me to cross a few more items off my to do list. I'm perfectly capable of adding them to my own site, but this system removes the need to write code as well as content - and that might help focus my mind into getting some finished!

Only time will tell if it proves to discipline me better.

To set the ball rolling ~ extracting JPEGs from RAW files

I have a lot of saved forum posts that contain tips I hope might prove of interest as they seem to be questions that occur often. To start with; how to extract the embeded JPEGs from Canon RAW files. (Read Article)

The Thecus Y.E.S. Nano N1050; is it any good?

The Thecus Y.E.S. Nano N1050; is it any good? It's been getting a lot of forum attention recently as it's very inexpensive, uses AA batteries and you can fit your own notebook drive. I'm pretty happy with mine . . . (Read Article)

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